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Pet Portraits

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Pastel painting


Pastel painting

A beautiful dog who has already crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Tracy was a treasured member of her family and it was an honour to paint this portrait in remembrance of her.


Pastel painting

"I commissioned a painting from Judy. I couldn't believe how she included me in the process and the end composition. Judy asked questions as to what I expected and requested various photos so she could capture Axel's unique personality. Judy has so many incredible paintings. I do believe when my painting was completed, it was as outstanding and realistic as her other works of art.I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone wishing to have a portrait painted of their beloved pet and companion. Thank you, Judy! A very satisfied customer." - Marlene Robertson


Pastel painting

In a box of photos, I came across one of a cat with the most amazing eyes and decided to paint her portrait "just for the fun of it". I found out later that it was a photo of my niece's cat who was a family pet in the years they lived in Costa Rica. Using the Spanish name for cat (gato) as the basis, they arrived at the name "Gatini".


Pastel painting

Grady's story: "One day in late fall, Tyler was driving back home when he saw a small kitten by the side of the highway, trying to dart in and out of traffic. He managed to pull to the side and walk his way back to where he saw the cat, cowering beside the pavement of the road. He picked it up and put it in his car, though it hid under the seat for the whole ride. When Tyler's mom heard this, she said, "you know if you take this cat to the vet, it's yours now." Tyler and his girlfriend Dana brought the little kitten to a vet and then took him home for some tender loving care. He had so many ear mites and his ears were solid black. He also had a few scrapes and scabs on his face, signs that someone may have abandoned him. Due to an infection, his eyes were full of gunk and had to be wiped clean every twenty minutes. Sometimes overnight the gunk would cause his eyes to seal shut. His nose was the same and had to be wiped as well. Tyler and Dana decided to name him Grady. He was treated for his ear mites, which took some time to clear up. Each week, Grady's eyes and nose would need just a little less wiping. Now Grady is happy and healthy and bossy as ever. He demands play time daily and he is the cuddliest cat you will ever meet. He loves to jump up onto your chest and snuggle his face in, right next to yours."

Horse Portrait

Pastel painting

As a child I always loved horses and wanted one of my own! That wasn't to be, but that hasn't stopped me from painting horses from time to time. This is the first in what I will call my "Twilight Series" - some will be of horses, others will be wildlife. I am open to the opportunity of commissions, whether it is a traditional portrait of a horse or something more unique.


aka Princess Blubella
Pastel painting
Winner of Third Best in Show at 2013 Reflections of Nature Art Show

Bella is a female black tricolor purebred Border Collie. She is very distinctive, having one brown and one blue eye. At 4 months of age when this painting was commissioned, she was described as very gentle and loving, petite and vocally expressive, but also inquisitive and independent. Bella loves to explore rural S.W. Saskatchewan where she lives.


Pastel painting

Dublin was rescued from a northern Saskatchewan community on St. Patrick's Day in 2006. After beatings had failed to end his life, he had escaped into the bush before he could be shot. He resurfaced 5 days later, sick and terrified and barely alive. He was so emaciated that he could hardly stand. Thankfully, a nurse happened to find him and she brought him to New Hope Dog Rescue for rehabilitation. The vet in Saskatoon thought that Dublin was too ill to survive. At first he was only able to eat soft food as his gums and mouth were in such bad shape. After much TLC his health improved and finally he was ready to become part of a loving family. When I visited his home I was amazed at his gentle temperament despite the hardships he had endured. What an honour it was to paint a portrait of this incredible dog with such a sweet spirit. After many years of giving unconditional love to his adoring family, Dublin passed away on Sept. 12, 2017.


Pastel painting

"I wanted to surprise my family at Christmas with a painting of our beloved dog, Pepper. Judy was an absolute delight to work with throughout every stage of the process. My family was thrilled when they opened this unique gift Christmas Day. She beautifully captured Pepper's likeness in pastel both in perfection of features and essence of his character. We will treasure this portrait of Pepper for a lifetime. Thank you so much Judy." - Cristy Labrecque


Pastel painting

What soulful eyes! I have received another commission from the same client who was very pleased with this portrait of Champ.


Pastel painting

One of my first commissions painted for a friend who loved dogs, especially his dog Samuel who was never far from his side. He described it as "a painting of a Best Friend BY a Best Friend".


Oil painting

Charlie was painted in a workshop using water soluble oils. As I painted, his personality seemed to come to life and as one workshop participant commented, he looked a little like a Super Hero - all he needed was the cape flowing out behind him!

How to Commission a Pet Portrait:

Our pets occupy a special place in our hearts. A portrait created in a way that captures your pet's spirit can be enjoyed now and treasured long after the time you have spent together. I will consider it a privilege to paint a lasting memory for you of your beloved pet.

To order your portrait:
1. I will require accurate and clear photo references of your pet to be emailed to me. Select the best photos you have so that I can most accurately depict your pet. Here are some pointers regarding photos:

  • Does it accurately reflect the personality, pose or facial expression of your pet?
  • Is the colour true to life?
  • Is the photo clear/crisp with as much detail in it as possible?
  • Are you sending the photo in the largest possible version?

2. Once I have had a look at the photos, I will contact you to discuss your individual requirements.

  • My portraits are normally painted using a combination of soft pastels and pastel pencils on suede board.

Pricing will depend on size of painting, number of subjects & complexity involved.

  • Example: A popular size for a pet portrait is 10" x 13" or 11" x 14". My price for either size would be $400.00, for one subject only with muted background. Price would increase if another subject or detailed background/foreground is required

Contact me for a quote on your specific requirements & I will be happy to discuss with you.

Note Re Framing: Pastel paintings must be framed under glass and normally require matting or "spacers". Matting will greatly enhance the portrait and also make the overall framed measurements larger. If you wish to include framing in your portrait order, contact me for pricing and details.

Example: For a 10" x 13" painting with 2-1/2" matting, the overall framed size would be 15" x 18" + the width of whatever frame you choose.

3. I will take into consideration the type of portrait you are looking for and come up with a composition that is the most suitable, for your approval. If you look at the samples shown, I think you will see that I have a passion for what I do and that is reflected in a high quality portrait of the client's beloved pet. I want you to be completely happy with the finished portrait. I take the time needed to create the best possible portrait and commissions are limited to what my schedule allows.

4.Deposit Required: Once you have contacted me and the portrait details have been determined, you will be sent an email invoice and a 30% deposit will be required before I start the portrait. Due to the personalized nature of a pet portrait and the amount of work involved, the deposit is non-refundable after the portrait has been started. Once a commission is accepted, I will email photos showing the progress. Upon completion, if there are any minor changes or touch-ups required, I will be happy to do so at that time.

5. Shipment & Final Payment: I will notify you regarding shipment details and costs. The balance owing (including shipping) is due prior to shipment. The preferred method of payment is E-transfer or pay by certified cheque or Paypal. U.S. customers may pay via U.S. International Money Order.

Other Artwork:
Additionally you can commission a painting, for instance a wildlife painting, for which you don't have specific photographs for reference. Or, if you've fallen in love with a painting which has been sold and would like something similar, just email me for an individual quote.

To order your own custom pet portrait, contact me via the contact page.